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Our Services:

There two major types of roller shutters around, 
manual and motorized.

Motorized Roller Shutters are recommended for Industrial buildings and big shop-fronts. The motor will lift the shutter, providing convenience and time-saving. This heavy-duty roller shutter comes with different models to cater from smaller roller shutters in shopping centre to big roller shutters used in industrial buildings. In case the motor or power fails, users can use the attached chain to manually override the motor temporarily.  

Manual Roller Shutters are lightweight and more suitable for smaller/shorter entrances such as smaller shopfronts, garages, and stalls. They provide a strong yet light facade that is easy and convenient to operate.

- Aluminium Flat / Curved / Round Slats
- Steel Perforated Slats come with 
  Powder Coat Finished 
- Clearlite Slats
- Polyclear Slats
- Punch-Tru Slats

Automatic doors are commonly used in high traffic areas. They provide both safety and convenience for both the able and disabled. There are various kinds of automatic doors around: Single leaf auto doors, double-leaf auto doors, telescopic auto doors, and more.

Brands that we have experience in:
- Dorma
- Accessco
- Record
- Preference
- Geze
- First Auto
- Entre
- STL / GU
and more...





Our company deals in a wide range of glass and glazing works and services. From glass doors to fixed glass panels to windows, we have great experience in it.


- Float Glass

- Tempered Glass

- Laminated Glass

- Glazing Services 

And many more...



Metal Works

We do all sorts of metal works from fabricating table legs to installing structural supports. Other than fabricating new items, we also do alterations, repairs, and replacement of existing metal items. We have been providing our clients with quality workmanship all these years. Just send us your drawings and queries and we will get back to you.

Materials we handle:

- Mild steel
- Galvanized steel
- Stainless steel (Grade 304 & 316)
- Aluminum
- Brass
and More...



We are BizSafe3 Certified 
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